The Traveling Paleo

The holidays are officially upon us which means plenty of family, great food, and possibly some traveling thrown in there for most people. Last week I traveled to San Diego to visit family and failed to plan ahead, which left me eating some prepackaged, overly priced airplane food on the journey west. Learning from my mistakes I put together a list of good paleo travel options to keep you in check during those long days of travel.

I definitely enjoy loosening up my routine when it comes to food when I arrive at a new destination, but I try to be ready for the long days of going from point A to point B, without having to rely on the slim choices at airports and rest stops.



Paleonola. I just tasted this “granola” a few weekends back at Daybreak CrossFit’s grand opening and picked some up later that day at Whole Foods. It’s made from all nuts and seeds and sweetened lightly with honey. This is good to snack on but also great to have at a hotel for breakfast if I go to the store to find some almond milk. With a re-sealable bag, I’d call this a fine paleo convenience food and it also comes in a few other varieties like Maple Pancake and tastes surprisingly like the real thing.


Fuel for Fire. These packets are made from only fruit and whey isolate, so they are satiating and freaking tasty! Think amped up baby food… in a good way. Both of their flavors are great and can be kept cold but also are fine at room temperature, which make them great to travel with. Also great if you plan on doing some travel workouts for pre or post workout.


Jerky. A decent jerky is somewhat hard to come by, and of course you can always make your own with a dehydrator to really control what goes into it, but that’s not always possible. This variety from whole foods has no gluten in it (most have wheat because of the addition of soy sauce, so read labels). Not a bad option to fill in the gaps during a long stretch between meals.


Epic Bars. My favorite snack lately… these bars are like a soft jerky bar with the addition of dried fruit and some nuts. I prefer the turkey variety but they also make bison and beef Epic bars. We sell these at the box I coach at, and they are popular with the members also. This type has turkey, almonds, dried cranberries (sweetened with apple juice concentrate), lactic acid, seasonings (coriander, cumin, garlic etc.) and salt. A savory bar is right up my alley as I have more of a salt tooth than sweet. 14g of protein so these take the edge off hunger pretty well.



Kookies! Of course our Kookies are perfect travel companions too… just check out our Kookies Around the World page. They are small, re-sealable (but honestly, how could you not finish it at once), have a long shelf life, and hold together well. That’s paleo convenience right there.


Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips.  And when I’ve eaten all the Kookies I have on stock, the next best option for me is to go straight for the chocolate. I usually pack a super dark chocolate bar, or lately, these Enjoy Life Chocolate chips which we use in our own Kookies. These are soy and dairy free, and easy to eat on the road… just remember a clip or elastic band to wrap up the bag.

Fruit. I personally don’t eat much fruit, bananas and occasionally berries are about it. And fruit does not always travel well, but sometimes I bring along a few bananas and try to eat them within the first day so they don’t turn brown or get squished.

Protein Powder. When I travel I almost always try to find a box or two to drop into, this trip was no exception. I packed a few scoops of my protein powder into a jar to bring along for after I workout or as a snack before bed. Blender bottle on the side, just dump a small amount in and add some water and I have a snack or recovery drink easily anywhere I am.


What convenience foods do you pack when you travel? 


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