The K-O-K Story

On February 4, 2012, Emily Sawyer and Braden Monaco were advised to selflessly say goodbye to a very loveable, adorable girl named Kaeli. She was Emily’s Boston terrier, and her very best friend of 12 memorable years.

Twelve “human years” are equivalent to 84 “dog years;” so it goes without saying, Kaeli lived a long, healthy, and happy life. In her 84 years, Kaeli was most content when lifting …a paw begging, “please,” for a treat. No guilt, no remorse, just pure satisfaction, unlike the human race, post-indulgence reaction.

As dedicated Crossfit members and Paleo inspired consumers, Emmy and Braden were motivated by Kaeli’s longevity to create and introduce all-natural Paleo treats for humans, guilt-free samples of satisfaction. From their pro-Paleo colleagues, to those unfamiliar but eager to try something new, these treats are designed as a healthy, remorseless delicacy for all!

So, in memory of this amazing girl, and in spite of all that is unnatural, try a delicious “Kaeli-O-Kookies” treat!