Kaeli-O-Kookies are loved by all of our athletes and staff at CrossFit New England. They serve as a great alternative for our student athletes to grab in place of their junk food cravings, and also for our staff during long days at the gym when we just want something sweet!
Our members love having the option to reach for a Kaeli-O-Kookie as they head out for a day of work, or at night after a grueling workout. Top sellers for us? Coconut Macaroon and CoCo Chip!

- CrossFit New England

Reebok CrossFit Back Bay stocks the Coco Chip and Coconut cookies. We easily sell a dozen of each per week and our members love them. They make a great healthy treat after a meal or give you a nice snack post workout.

- Reebok CrossFit Back Bay

These are UNFREAKINGREAL. I have tried a *lot* of paleo, primal, and all kinds of recipes out there even among the well-known paleo bakers and these are head and shoulders above anything I’ve made or tried packaged. I am a chef, I can throw down, and my tastebuds are so spoiled. High five, you guys — it’s rare that I’m wowed.

- Remy Hendrych – Urban Ninja Project- www.urbanninjaproject.com

Hmmm, I think I found my new addiction…I think I am enjoying the Kookies a little too much, already had 3 and I picked them up last night, YIKES!! Gonna need to put in extra time Crossfit Route 1! I will be ordering more in the near future :) Thanks for the order!!

- Irene

I may have eaten more then half my batch.. That i received today.. They’re so good!

- Gilly

Thanx for the delivery guys, these things are the $hit. . . Suggest to all box owners to carry these cookies.

- Brandon

I just got my order and have to say,…they are everything I hoped they’d be and more! Kaeli-o-kookies DEFINITELY satiate my inner fat kid. :) Thanks so much!!

- Lissa

My 8 year old son came up to me with tonight with an empty Kaeli-O-Kookie package in one hand and a half eaten Pumpkin spice cookie in the other and proclaimed “Daddy these cookies are delicious where did you get them?” I should ask him the same question as I thought they were safely hidden away,but I digress. If you haven’t tried them yet,because your wondering if they taste good. This little story should answer that question. What could be a better endorsement than that of an 8 year old child that loves cookies and candy. Just thought I would share. Godspeed

- Matt

Got our cookies- loved them! They didn’t last long. Thank you!!

– Kendra

Just received my order and these kookies taste amazing! I will def spread the word! Great job guys!!!

– Vanessa

A-MAZ-ZING! Just got my order in and LOVE! Thank you!!

- Court