Southie Showdown


photoThis past weekend I had the opportunity of sharing our Kookies with 270 athletes and tons of fans at the Southie Showdown at CrossFit Southie in Boston. I had a front row table for most of the action, and got to see so many athletes really put it all down on the line in the WODs during a full two days.

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Geared up with close to 500 Kookies to sell, I was set up early on Saturday. I watched two full days of competition, ending with a bracket style championship showdown which got pretty intense as athletes went face to face in 4 more mini WODs to determine the winner.


I got to meet a few of the other vendors who were also selling great products from paleo muffins, protein powder, and these RX Bars, which I enjoyed as a snack on Sunday. These are awesome, made with egg white protein and 100% paleo ingredients. Another great small food business spreading the good paleo word.

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I met athletes from plenty of boxes around Massachusetts that I had never heard of before, just further proving how quickly this sport is growing! I sold plenty of deserving athletes their first treat after 6 WODs! And got to talk about CrossFit and Paleo all weekend. This community we have is just pretty cool.


And 6 big boxes of Starbucks Coffee and plenty of Kookies later I’d say we definitely got the word out there to plenty of new faces, and received some great feedback about our flavors. We’re looking forward to attending more local compeitions and events soon and sharing our love for paleo treats!


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