Homemade Paleo Ice Cream Kookie Sandwich


A lot of my cravings make sense and go with the season…. Ripe strawberries and hydrating watermelon call my name in the hot summer months. Comforting stews and soups warm me up over our long New England winters.

Then there are those cravings that have no rhyme or reason.


Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich on the last day in October…?

This is not your average feeeze dried ChipWich from a vending machine though. Want to know the game changer?


Hot Cookies + Cold Ice Cream. 


This sandwich is fleeting. This is not a make ahead, serve at a party kind of treat. This is a move quickly, dripping down your wrists, gone in a flash kind of sandwich.  It’s all about that moment when the cookies and ice cream become nearly the same consistency. That perfect bite when the two separate parts are seemingly one;  it’s no longer just a scoop of ice cream and two cookies but…. an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich.


That moment.


Paleo Ice Cream Kookie Sandwich 

This is a paleo spin on the childhood classic. Two warm CoCo Chip Kaeli-O-Kookies sandwich a scoop of homemade dairy free ice cream. Makes 2 Kookie Sandwiches. Dairy, grain, and soy free!

  • 4 Kaeli-O-Kookies (any flavor will work)
  • 2 Frozen Ripe Bananas 
  • 1/4 Cup Full Fat Canned Coconut Milk (refrigerated for at least 2 hours prior to bring to a solid)
  • Pinch of Sea Salt
  • Vanilla Extract, Nutmeg, Cinnamon 

Prior to beginning the recipe you should refrigerate your canned coconut milk for at least 2 hours and have peeled bananas frozen. 

In a food processor add the frozen bananas (broken into smaller pieces) and process until smooth. You may need to stop and scrape down the sides and continue to process. It should take about 2 minutes.

Add in the solid coconut milk, salt, a dash of vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg and continue to process until combined.  Scoop the ice cream into a bowl and place in the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes  to refreeze. 

Put the two cookies on a plate and microwave for 20 seconds, just enough to warm them but not melt. Scoop half of the ice cream onto one cookie and place the other cookie gently on top. Repeat with the remaining cookies and ice cream. 

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