2013 Paleo Foodie Gift Ideas



1. A gallon of Coconut Oil.  Over 250 servingsof this ultimate cooking fat for a paleo eater.

2. Cast iron skillet  These can last a lifetime if cared for correctly and can be used to cook a wide vareity of foods on the stovetop or in the oven.

3. Beyond Bacon

4.Coffee Aeropress. Makes a double shot of espresso in a few minutes or a nice strong cup of coffee. Great for someone who travels a lot too!

5.Fatworks  tallow, lard, or duck fat from free range and pasture fed animals.

6. Pig Butcher Diagram Art for a kitchen or another piece from this unique Etsy shop.

7. Anthropologie Measuring Cups

8. Cappellos Pasta Grain Free Pasta?! Enough Said.

9. A Gift card to US Wellness Meats. A huge variety of meats and cuts delivered to their home would make any true paleo eater ecstatic.


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