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We’ve been having an exciting past few weeks at Kaeli-O-Kookies as orders are picking up, events and competitions are popping up nearly every weekend, and lots of behind the scenes changes are being made….


If you’re reading this, you may have noticed our increase in blogging over the past few weeks. Our plan is to blog one to two times a week about all things Kookies, paleo, CrossFit, and the general health and wellness life style. Athlete, coach, and box spotlights, event recaps, recipes, behind the scenes posts (like this!), news and upcoming events and plenty more can all be expected. You can also follow us on Facebook for blog updates, pictures, and news. Our goal is to keep readers and consumers in touch with the exciting things going on with our business as well as the general community that we are a part of.

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We’ve recently switched where we do our baking to a brand new shared commercial kitchen space in Amesbury, MA. This is giving us the space and equipment to produce tons of Kookies at once, keeping up with our growing weekly orders. We use a 30 quart floor mixer, a double convection oven, and our own hands to make hundreds of Kookies every single week.


We have attended two competitions recently where our Kookies were received well by plenty of athletes and spectators. And in the next month we are attending two Grand Openings of local CrossFits and a few more competitions where we’ll be sampling out and selling our treats. These events are a blast for us… sharing our handmade Kookies, spreading the word, and meeting more and more people in this awesome community we all have going. We’ll be sharing more event recaps in the weeks to follow.

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Our Seasonal Pumpkin Spice Kookie is only being made for another week… order now while you can! This flavor is soft, mildly sweet, and perfect as a midmorning snack with a cup of coffee. Our next seasonal flavor is in the works!

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And we also want to give a shout out and thanks to some of the new CrossFit boxes that have started ordering and selling our Kookies to their members…. CrossFit Earned, CrossFit Portsmouth, Reebok CrossFit Back Bay, EverProven CrossFit. We hope your members are enjoying our treats! Check out our list of boxes and other local ambassadors selling our Kookies. If you are interested in carrying our product in your affiliate or business, message us on FaceBook or shoot us an email!


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