Banana Bacon Scramble


It’s become clear that the month of January is a very popular month in the CrossFit community for Whole30 and Paleo nutrition challenges. Of course this makes sense, and although I’m not partaking in one myself, I do see January as a nice clean slate to start tuning up my diet after the holidays have passed.

Sweets. Whether you’re on a challenge or not, reducing sweets can be tricky if you’re in the habit of always ending a meal or your day with some sugar. The key to success here is being prepared, and having an alternative ready. That means not keeping your usual ice cream in the house, and stocking up on lower refined sugar fixes that can fill the void.

You very well may be one to laugh at the idea of subbing dessert with a cup of fruit salad. Don’t worry, I am also.

This recipe (although it’s hard to argue that two ingredients can be called a recipe) is a void filler. But if you’ve never caramelized a banana you may not agree… yet. Breaking down the sugars into a sweet, chewy, caramelized crust over each slice of the banana is a real game changer.



This is no tossed fruit salad.

Bacon Banana Scramble

Serves 1, easily doubled. 

  • 1 Large, Semi-ripe Banana (should be between green and spotty)
  • 1 Slice of Thick Bacon, Chopped
  • Salt, Cinnamon

Over medium heat, cook the bacon pieces for 2-3 minutes, until nearing doneness. Slice your banana into rounds and add to the pan. Allow to cook without touching for 2 minutes, until begining to brown on one side. Flip each piece over and allow to finish caramelizing. They should be cooked on each side enough that a sticky sweet layer has formed but not enough to burn. If you need to add more fat, drop a 1/2 tsp of coconut oil into the pan to finish the cooking process. 

Sprinkle with sea salt and cinnamon and enjoy warm as a dessert or side dish. 


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