30 Paleo New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m not a huge fan of making elaborate New Year’s resolutions, but I do love the idea of a fresh start to get things in my life back on track after an indulgent holiday season. I never set out to be perfect, a recipe for failure and disappointment, but I do attempt to eat more home cooked meals, and get my 30% indulgences more back to a 20%. Here are 30 paleo lifestyle resolutions and new things to try in the new year. Most are just small fun things to add into your life or try out for a healthier year.

1. Cook a new paleo recipe once a month.

2. Make your own bone broth.

3. Try eating organ meats.

4. Get body composition tested or retested to make measurable improvements.

5. Get 20 minutes of direct sunlight everyday, when possible.. vitamin D!

6. Only eat 2 meals on the go or from restaurants per week.

7. Trade white potatoes for sweet potatoes.

8. Commit to only purchasing grass-fed meat when possible.

9. Try drinking raw milk or eating raw cheese.

10. Make homemade sauerkraut.

11. Try intermittent fasting to see if it’s right for you.

12. Start supplementing with Vitamin D and Fish Oil.

13. Make bulletproof coffee.

14. Throw out any item in the pantry containing sugar.

15. Purchase a bike to do local errands with.

16. Journal your food intake for a week (or more) to help you realize where you can make changes.

17. Brew your own kombucha.

18. Take a technology/ social media vacation for an entire week.

19. Prioritize 7-8 hours of sleep, every single night.

20. Compete in a CrossFit competition.

21. Add spinach to your smoothies.

22. Do Sunday meal preps to stay on track.

23. Get off the treadmill and take your workouts and running outside, or to a functional fitness gym.

24. Instead of a “cheat day”, add a small indulgence like dark chocolate each day.

25. Get blood work tested, or retested so you can make measurable changes and improvements.

26. Eat 3 larger meals a day and cut out snacking to see how you feel.

27. Ween yourself onto  black coffee.

28. Join a CrossFit gym. Really, they aren’t scary.

29. Try a Whole 30 Challenge to set yourself on track.

30. Read an entire book about the paleo diet to educate yourself.

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